We are people of different countries, faiths and races living in harmony and friendship. We work together and try to learn the secret of fellowship and peace. We hope our lives may be more useful and this spirit of helpfulness will enrich the province in which we live to the greater glory of God" 
- Rev R. H. Noble, Former Principal, Edwardes College

Edwardes College


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• Two out the three college ornamental pools have been drained and cleaned. The pools will be refilled and restocked with fish when the Dengue threat passes. 
• Peshawar Cantonment Board has commenced street spraying of mosquito insecticide in the area. In addition, College grounds staff are spraying by hand throughout the College.
• College Staff Physician Dr. Haider Shah continues to visit the Hostel every evening, as is his customary practice, but now with special alertness for any Dengue symptoms.  He is giving talks to students on the nature of Dengue and the best practices for its prevention. 
All College students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use mosquito repellant when outdoors, especially in early morning and in the evening, and to avoid allowing water to stagnate.
Facilities concerns related to Dengue should be referred to Deputy Administrative Officer Shah Mehmood.  Medical inquires should be referred to Dr. Haider, who visits the campus at about 6 p.m. daily. 

– Canon Titus, Principal
18 September 2011


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