Department of Biology

The Biology Department provides teaching for A-Levels (two years), F.Sc Pre-Medical (two years) and B.Sc Pre-Medical (two years). There are two well equipped laboratories catering for a total of 60 students (30 in each laboratory) A general survey of flora and fauna and the dissection of vertebrates and invertebrates (according to the syllabus) are carried out in these labs. Plans exist to refurnish these laboratories in the near future. We have a botanical garden where plants included in the syllabus and of rare types are cultured and cultivated.

We have been actively participating in the annual Science and Culture Fair where the students display their scientific models and other biological achievements. We have secured the top position for the last four years.
The department has provided a congenial scientific environment for students of all levels.


Associate Prof. Atta ur Rehman Anjum
(Head of Department)
M.Sc Botany, M.Phil Biotechnology (Peshawar)

Prof .S. Naseem Haider Kazmi
M.Sc Botany (Peshawar)

Lecturer Khan Niaz Khan 
M.Sc Zoology, M.Phil Biotechnology (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mohammad Saeed
M.Sc (Peshawar), B.Ed (Peshawar)

Lecturer Zahir Shah
M.Sc Botany (Peshawar). B.Ed(Peshawar)

Lecturer Miss Lubna Faizullah
M.Sc Botany (Peshawar). B.Ed (Peshawar)


Atta ur Rehman Anjum, "Algae Associated with Alluvial Gold in the Indus (Attock)".

"The influence of In Vitro culture conditions on the Glucosinolate levels in the regenerates derived from Brassica junceal and Brassica napus L"

Khan Niaz Khan, "Goiter versus the use of iodised salt in the Surani district of Bannu NWFP", "The detection of mutations in ATP-Binding domains of ABL-Genes in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in patients from Pakistan."

S. Naseem Haider Kazmi, contribution to Abdul Waheed, ed., Book of Model MCQ?s for Entrance Test Preparation, NWFP Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency, Peshawar, 2005. Biology Reference Books Volume I- (2005), Zoology Reference Book Part II intermediate (2005)

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