We are people of different countries, faiths and races living in harmony and friendship. We work together and try to learn the secret of fellowship and peace. We hope our lives may be more useful and this spirit of helpfulness will enrich the province in which we live to the greater glory of God" 
- Rev R. H. Noble, Former Principal, Edwardes College

Edwardes College


Women's Centre
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Established in September 2007, the Women's Centre at Edwardes College provides a setting of privacy and mutual interaction for  female students and faculty.  Edwardes is committed to co-education, so the centre is not intended to segregate women from men, but rather to offer women a relaxing place of their own within the co-educational environment of the College.  

The Centre consists of a semi-detached house next to the Bungalow and is set in a spacious walled garden with access on two sides. There is a full-time ayah, who manages a stall selling tea and snacks.  Several rooms accommodate visiting space for women students and women faculty members.  Badminton is often played on the lawn.  

Women's Officer Mrs. Nasira Manzoor, Asst. Prof. of Physics, occupies an office in the Centre and is available for counseling most days of the week. As a deputy senior proctor she supervises the women student proctors.  She recently served on the Faculty Selection Committee. 

There are currently 305 women students enrolled in Edwardes College, 2.3 times the number enrolled in 2007.  Since five women were added to the faculty in September 2011, women faculty currently number 17 in a wide variety of fields, from English to Business, from Urdu to Chemistry. 




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