Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics, Edwardes College, offers balanced training in Mathematics and the applications of Mathematics in the broadest sense. It occupies a leading position in applied and pure Mathematics in the Province.

The department provides teaching for A-levels (two years), Intermediate courses (Inter science and pre-Engineering ? two years), degree courses (B.Sc A-course and B-course of Mathematics) Bachelors of Computer Science (one year), and computer science courses at Inter and degree levels.

The department encourages students to promote a general understanding of Mathematics and to participate in national and International quiz competitions. The department won top position in the N.W.F.P in ?Kangaroo International Mathematics Talent Exams? in 2006.


Associate Prof. Shahjehan
Head of department
MSc (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Fazl-e-Mabood (on study leave) 
MSc (Peshawar), B.Ed (Peshawar), MS(FAST, Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Arif Ghani 
MSc (D. I. Khan)

Assistant Prof. Zafar Iqbal
MSc (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Baseer Ullah
MSc (Peshawar)


Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Yaseen
MSc (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Syed Husssain Shah 
MSc (Peshawar)

Lecturer Inayat Ullah 
MSc (Peshawar)

Lecturer Ajmal Shah
MSc (Peshawar)


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8. Quid Mathematics Book (Vol. 1and 2) 

9. How to Prepare Entry Test Mathematic (Vol. 1and 2)

10. Maths M.C.Qs for 9th and 10th.

11. ICA Mathematics Vol.1 & 2

12. ICA Mathematics MCQs Vol.1 & 2 By


Zafar Iqbal:

1. Al hamra Mathematics M.C.Qs

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