We are people of different countries, faiths and races living in harmony and friendship. We work together and try to learn the secret of fellowship and peace. We hope our lives may be more useful and this spirit of helpfulness will enrich the province in which we live to the greater glory of God" 
- Rev R. H. Noble, Former Principal, Edwardes College

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A level Courses: Applications are accepted from male or female students following “O” level or “I.G.C.S.E” results. Applicants will be interviewed prior to admission and must have achieved a minimum of C grade in English language and Maths (all students) and subjects relevant to their chosen A Levels.

Students who have achieved “O” level or GCSE with a minimum of “C” grades in the subjects they wish to study are eligible for admission in the following subjects according to rules in the Cambridge University Curriculum. Students take three subjects. Students who opt for both Maths and Biology must have a minimum of B grade in both subjects.

Pre-Engineering: Physics, Maths, Chemistry.
Pre-Medical: Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
Arts: Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies.

To stay in the course it is necessary to pass the first Progress Exams in February.

The following considerations are important when choosing subjects:-

1. No student should undertake any course with Mathematics unless s/he has a firm grounding in Algebra and Geometry.

2. Science subjects require that a great deal of time be spent in practicals in addition to lectures. No student should select science unless s/he is able to give this time.

3. Field excursions for Biology students are obligatory and students will be required to pay the expenses incurred thereby.

4. Subjects should be chosen with a view to the future career a student proposes to pursue. Suggestions for the subjects leading to the main careers open to students can be seen in the office. The College is happy to advise parents and students regarding the choice of subjects.
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