Department of Social Work

The social work profession owes its existence to the concept of social welfare which came into existence with the emergence of Pakistan as an independent state in 1947. The sources of welfare activities are inherent in the constitution of Pakistan according to which the government has adopted social welfare programme at national and provincial levels in the fields of education and health and the special needs of socially, economically and psychologically disabled people.

Social work orientates the professional activities towards the needy, helping them to develop solutions in the context of continuum of strengths and needs. Social work practice has several functional characteristics, which are:

? The utilization of generic practice processes to organize work with the client.
? The viewing of the clients situation in context
? Building on a client?s strengths and on resources in his/her environment
? The Involvement of client systems as partners in collaborative effort, directed towards change.

Social work is:
a) Solution orientated
b) Integrative in relation to practice, policy and research.

Social work?s goal is to enhance people?s capabilities and capacities to resolve problems, cope with situations and function more effectively.


? Enhance the social functioning of individuals, families and, groups, via organization and committees.
? Link client systems with needed resources.
? Improve the operation of the social services delivery network
? Promote social justice through development policy.

Social work is a social science because it deals directly with human beings helping them in their social relationships for better adjustment.

Edwardes College Peshawar realized the importance and need for the social work profession in the social and cultural context of Pakistan and particularly in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan and introduces social work as a subject at undergraduate level from September 2001.

Students take a keen interest in social work education at undergraduate level and have shown good results and have attained outstanding positions at University level. After graduating students then opt for a masters degree in social work and continue with their professional career in social work and social welfare in both the government and non-government sector.


Lecturer Mr Atif Bhatti




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