We are people of different countries, faiths and races living in harmony and friendship. We work together and try to learn the secret of fellowship and peace. We hope our lives may be more useful and this spirit of helpfulness will enrich the province in which we live to the greater glory of God" 
- Rev R. H. Noble, Former Principal, Edwardes College

Edwardes College


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Edwardes College - News & Events
Department of Physics PDF Print E-mail

Although physics as a university subject is failing to attract students in western societies, in Pakistan it occupies a central place in most branches of higher education. Thus, for example, the Federal Government is currently setting up six new technological universities all of which will promote teaching and research in physics.

At Edwardes College the Physics Department provides lectures at Intermediate level for Computer Science, pre-medical and pre-engineering courses, the Bachelor of Computer Science degree, and A levels. Three well-equipped laboratories are available for the Intermediate students, and two each for those doing degrees and A-levels, and there are plans to refurbish these laboratories as soon as funds can be raised. The department plays a central role in the annual Science and Culture festival, and boasts a thriving physics society.


Associate Prof. Atta Ullah Jan
Head of Department
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Associate Prof. Shakil Ahmad Nisar
B.Ed. (Peshawar), MSc (Peshawar)

Associate Prof. Faheem Ullah Baber
M.Sc. (Peshawar), M.Phil (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Noor Hussain Shah
M.Sc. (Peshawar), M.Phil (Islamabad)

Assistant Prof. Abdul Baseer Khan
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Adnan Alam
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Assistant Professor Mrs. Nasira Manzoor
M.Sc. (Peshawar)


Lecturer Mr Muhammad Ashfaq Malik
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr Silas Akhtar
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr Saeed Anwar
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr Saadat Khan 
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Sajjad ul Hussan
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Shaheed ur Rehman
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr Naveed Muhammad 
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr Bilal Ahmad 
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

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Department of Mathematics PDF Print E-mail

The Department of Mathematics, Edwardes College, offers balanced training in Mathematics and the applications of Mathematics in the broadest sense. It occupies a leading position in applied and pure Mathematics in the Province.

The department provides teaching for A-levels (two years), Intermediate courses (Inter science and pre-Engineering ? two years), degree courses (B.Sc A-course and B-course of Mathematics) Bachelors of Computer Science (one year), and computer science courses at Inter and degree levels.

The department encourages students to promote a general understanding of Mathematics and to participate in national and International quiz competitions. The department won top position in the N.W.F.P in ?Kangaroo International Mathematics Talent Exams? in 2006.


Associate Prof. Shahjehan
Head of department
MSc (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Fazl-e-Mabood (on study leave) 
MSc (Peshawar), B.Ed (Peshawar), MS(FAST, Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Arif Ghani 
MSc (D. I. Khan)

Assistant Prof. Zafar Iqbal
MSc (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Baseer Ullah
MSc (Peshawar)


Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Yaseen
MSc (Peshawar)

Assistant Prof. Syed Husssain Shah 
MSc (Peshawar)

Lecturer Inayat Ullah 
MSc (Peshawar)

Lecturer Ajmal Shah
MSc (Peshawar)


By Fazl-e-Mabood:

1. S. Islam, Fazle Mabood, Gul Zaman, Xue-Zhi Li, Il Hyo Jung, Optimal homotopy asymptotic method solution to convection heat transfer flow. International Journal of Physical Sciences, 6(23) (2011) 5511-5519.

2. Fazle Mabood, Ahmad Izani Md Ismail, I. Hashim, Numerical Solution of Painlev'

e Equation I by Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method. Proceeding of the conference SKSM 20, 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3. Fazle Mabood, Ahmad Izani Md Ismail, I. Hashim, The Application of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for the Approximate Solution of Riccati Equation. Sains Malaysiana, 42(6) (2013) (I.F: 0.268)

4. Fazle Mabood, Waqar A. Khan, Ahmad Izani Md Ismail, Solution of Fifth-Order Boundary Value Problems via Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method. Wulfenia Journal, 19(8) (2012) 103-115, (I.F: 0.267)

5. Fazle Mabood, Muhammad Idrees, Homotopy Perturbation Method and Seventh-Order Boundary Values Problems. International journal of Mathematical Research, 2(1) (2013) 70-75.

6. Muhammad Idrees, Fazle Mabood, Asar Ali, Gul Zaman, Exact Solution for Class of Stiff System by Differential Transform Method. Applied Mathematics, 4(3) (2013) (Accepted).

7. Fazle Mabood, Waqar A. Khan, Ahmad Izani Md Ismail, Application of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for Heat Transfer in Hollow Sphere with Robin Boundary Conditions. Heat Transfer-Asian Research. (2013), (Accepted).

8. Quid Mathematics Book (Vol. 1and 2) 

9. How to Prepare Entry Test Mathematic (Vol. 1and 2)

10. Maths M.C.Qs for 9th and 10th.

11. ICA Mathematics Vol.1 & 2

12. ICA Mathematics MCQs Vol.1 & 2 By


Zafar Iqbal:

1. Al hamra Mathematics M.C.Qs

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Department of Computer Science PDF Print E-mail

The Department of Computer Science was the first in the Northwest Frontier Province to start the Bachelors of Computer Science (BCS) degree in 1998, and the first department in the College to admit women.

The department provides teaching for Intermediate (two years), and BSc (two years following Intermediate) courses, and for the BCS and MSc degrees. The BCS is a four year University of Peshawar degree course following Intermediate; the MSc is a two year University of Peshawar degree course following the BSc. In addition to these courses the department also caters for a BSc in electronics, which can be obtained two years after passing the Intermediate exams. Equipment currently includes digital power supplies, oscilloscopes, and functional generators. These are housed in two computer laboratories offering round-the-clock Internet access to staff and students. There are also four air-conditioned lecture rooms.

Many of the department?s graduates study abroad, and some are currently acquiring additional business and communication skills at UK universities. A strong link has been set up with Liverpool Hope University.


Asst. Prof. Muhammad Naveed Ali
Head of Department
M.S. (Peshawar)

Asst. Prof. Abdul Muddassar
M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Abdul Hammed
M.Sc. (Peshawar)


Lecturer Ali Raza 
M.Sc. (Peshawar) 

Mr. Changez Khan Bangash
B.C.S (Edwardes)



Asst. Prof. Muhammad Naveed Ali
2010 " "Computational Treatment of Short Distance Reflexive Anaphoric Devices in Urdu Discourse for Effective Machine Translation"

2009 "Corpus Based Mapping of Urdu Characters for Cell Phones?, Proceedings of International Conference on Language and Technology, Lahore, (Pakistan), 2009

2009 "Design of Urdu Virtual Keyboard?, Proceedings of International Conference on Language and Technology, Lahore, (Pakistan), 2009.

2008 Multi-Contents having Optimized Security Using Heterogeneous Path Selection
In Proceedings of IEEE 5th International symposium on High Capacity Optical Networks & Enabling Technologies, Nov 2008.

2008 "An Optimal Order of Factors for the Computational Treatment of Personal Anaphoric Devices in Urdu Discourse?, for the Proceedings of International Conference on Processing of Low Privileged Languages, Hyderabad, (India). (paper accepted)

2007 "Resolution of Relative Anaphoric Devices in Urdu Discourse for Effective Machine Translation", Proceedings of International Conference on Language and Technology, Bara Gali, (Pakistan), 2007

2007 "Computational Treatment of Demonstrative Pronouns in Urdu", Proceedings of International Conference on Language and Technology Bara Gali, Pakistan), 2007

2007 "Algorithm for Subject Zero Pronoun Detection and Restoration of Urdu Discourse", Proceedings of "Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-Based Languages" Stanford University, 2007

2006 "Treatment of Pronominal Anaphoric Devices in Urdu Discourse"
in Proceedings of Second International Conference on Emerging Technologies, Peshawar, (Pakistan), November, 2006

2006 "Zero Pronoun Detection and Restoration of Urdu Discourse". South Asian Language Review, A Biannual Journal of Language and Linguistics, Volume XVI. No2. India. June 2006

1999 Discrete Mathematics, Peshawar, Discount Books, 1999

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Department of Chemistry PDF Print E-mail

The Chemistry Department provides teaching for A-levels (two years), Intermediate courses (Pre Medical and Pre Engineering- two years) and the BSc (Pre Medical and Pre Engineering ? two years). There are three laboratories catering for a total of 60 students (20 in each laboratory). Chemistry analysis, the detection of elements and qualitative methods are among the techniques that are practised. Plans exist to refurbish these laboratories in the near future.

The Department plays a major role in the annual Science and Culture Festival, held at the end of the first term, and boasts an active Chemistry Society (see student societies).


Associate Prof. Javed Hayat Asif
Head Of Department
MSc. (Peshawar)

Associate Prof. Dr. Khurshid Ali

Lecturer Ms. Sameera Saba 
MSc (Peshawar)

Lecturer Miss Nadia Hannah Das
MSc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mrs. Rubna Zafar 
MSc., M Phil. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman
MSc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr. Sharifullah
MSc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr. Syed Muhammad Sohail
MSc. (Peshawar)M.Phil (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr. Azaz Tariq
MSc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Ms. Faiza Javed
MSc. (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mr. Waqar baig
MSc. (Peshawar)


Rubna Zafar, et al., ?Separation and Determination of Pesticides in Samples of Environmental Importance?, in the Journal of the Chemistry Society of Pakistan, Volume 12, No 4, 1990, pp 337-340

Rubna Zafar, et al., Investigation of Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides?, in the Journal of the Chemistry Society of Pakistan, Volume 13, No 4, 1991, pp 263-267



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Department of Biology PDF Print E-mail

The Biology Department provides teaching for A-Levels (two years), F.Sc Pre-Medical (two years) and B.Sc Pre-Medical (two years). There are two well equipped laboratories catering for a total of 60 students (30 in each laboratory) A general survey of flora and fauna and the dissection of vertebrates and invertebrates (according to the syllabus) are carried out in these labs. Plans exist to refurnish these laboratories in the near future. We have a botanical garden where plants included in the syllabus and of rare types are cultured and cultivated.

We have been actively participating in the annual Science and Culture Fair where the students display their scientific models and other biological achievements. We have secured the top position for the last four years.
The department has provided a congenial scientific environment for students of all levels.


Associate Prof. Atta ur Rehman Anjum
(Head of Department)
M.Sc Botany, M.Phil Biotechnology (Peshawar)

Prof .S. Naseem Haider Kazmi
M.Sc Botany (Peshawar)

Lecturer Khan Niaz Khan 
M.Sc Zoology, M.Phil Biotechnology (Peshawar)

Lecturer Mohammad Saeed
M.Sc (Peshawar), B.Ed (Peshawar)

Lecturer Zahir Shah
M.Sc Botany (Peshawar). B.Ed(Peshawar)

Lecturer Miss Lubna Faizullah
M.Sc Botany (Peshawar). B.Ed (Peshawar)


Atta ur Rehman Anjum, "Algae Associated with Alluvial Gold in the Indus (Attock)".

"The influence of In Vitro culture conditions on the Glucosinolate levels in the regenerates derived from Brassica junceal and Brassica napus L"

Khan Niaz Khan, "Goiter versus the use of iodised salt in the Surani district of Bannu NWFP", "The detection of mutations in ATP-Binding domains of ABL-Genes in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in patients from Pakistan."

S. Naseem Haider Kazmi, contribution to Abdul Waheed, ed., Book of Model MCQ?s for Entrance Test Preparation, NWFP Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency, Peshawar, 2005. Biology Reference Books Volume I- (2005), Zoology Reference Book Part II intermediate (2005)

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